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SeaMonkey (Iceape) and Gmail

If you often use an Internet browser and email client together, you should give a try to SeaMonkey (Iceape in debian) that is a community effort to develop an all-in-one Internet application suite that stores both browser and mail settings in the same profile. It does use less computer resources than the combination of Firefox and Thunderbird running simultaneously. Here you have some add-ons I suggest for a complete gmail integration with Iceape:


  • install gContactSync 0.3.5 add-on to have your gmail contacts offline;
  • install Duck Duck Go for a search engine that does not collect or share personally identifiable information: it utilizes SSL to protect searches between the search engine and you;
  • install Thread key 0.6 to group mails in threads;
  • install ImportExportTools 2.2 emails in text or html mode (in Thunderbird/Icedove you can export emails and their attachments!).

The sign to buy a tablet!

GNU EmacsGNU Emacs disponibile free su Google Play!

Trattandosi di una first release, l’applicazione presenta ancora qualche bug su alcuni dispositivi: in particolare potrebbe essere necessario installare anche Hacker’s Keyboard e/o ridurre la grandezza dei font.

Per altre 3 modalità di utilizzo su dispositivi android, e per telefonare e scrivere messaggi con Emacs, è disponibile la guida Emacs on Android Wiki

Someone asked my boss’s buddy Art Medlar if he was going to buy an iPad. He said, “I figure as soon as it runs Emacs, that will be the sign to buy.” I think he was just trying to be funny, but his statement is actually fairly profound. (posted in 2010-05-18 on Shannon Behrens’s blog “JJinuxLand”)