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Twitter’s Decalogue (not for dummies)

  1. Create an account on a specific item (not personal or general): it is the only way to make it useful and worth of following.
  2. Create a list for each item you are involved in.
  3. Add each contact to only one list (if every list is unfit for a contact, evaluate to add a list or to unfollow the contact).
  4. Respect the maximum length of a tweet.
  5. Try to add a link, or at least a media, to your tweett (if it can help you to explain).
  6. Verify used hashtags before you use them.
  7. Do not post more than a tweet a day.
  8. Retweet only important piece of news or add value to your retweet.
  9. Read tweets on your RSS reader adding this feed: (it will make you believe in the previous rules!).
  10. Use instead of (you can post from on twitter both).

3 secondi prima di un twitt

Prima di inviare un twitt verificare:

  1. che il messaggio sia compreso in un unico twitt;
  2. che, se si stratta di un retwitt, è solo perché l’informazione è rara o si è aggiunto qualcosa in più;
  3. che il twitt contenga un link utile ad approfondire.